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Australian Witchcraft supplies and pagan supplies, Sorcerous Sundries providing Australian made witchcraft supplies since 2014. Handmade spell candles, game and movie themed candles, perfumes, spell oils, incense, potions, journals, ritual offerings and much more!
Currently shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, USA and UK only

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Advanced Pendulum Magic

So you have mastered the basic yes and no answers Let’s take a dive into Advanced Pendulum Magic to obtain ...
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Witchcraft Pendulum Magic

Witchcraft Pendulums are great for simple, everyday divination. The magic of a Witchcraft pendulum is the most simplest of them ...
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Smoke Cleansing

Smoke Cleansing is a powerful and ancient practice used by all weavers of magic. The act of smoke cleansing, the ...
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Witches Spell Salt

Traditionally, Witches Spell Salt is a mixture of salt and charcoal. Mixed together with herbs, ash and pepper, a witches ...
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