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Australian Witchcraft supplies and pagan supplies, Sorcerous Sundries providing Australian made witchcraft supplies since 2014. Handmade spell candles, game and movie themed candles, perfumes, spell oils, incense, potions, journals, ritual offerings and much more!


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Additive Free Apricot Jam

For the love of Apricots! This additive free Apricot jam is something for everyone, not just witches! As witches, we ...
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What is Lammas

It's not Lughnasadh, that's for sure! I know I say this every blog but seriously, you’re in for a long ...
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Black Tourmaline Magic

Black Tourmaline for Protection and Deflection! Black Tourmaline is instrumental for protection and grounding magic. Unlike Obsidian's absorbing power, this ...
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