Wormwood Infused Black Ink


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Harness the dynamic powers of Wormwood with our exquisite Wormwood infused black ink. This creation captures the magic of both protection and baneful enchantments, making it a spellweaver’s dream.

Wormwood, a herb associated with Mars, infuses this ink with its double-edged magic. Its protective qualities shield you from negative forces, while its formidable energy can empower cursing and hexing rituals.
As you dip your quill into the intense black ink, you tap into the essence of mystery and transformation. Black, the colour of secrets and hidden potential, amplifies the potency of your workings. Embrace the duality, command the shadows, and let your craft flourish with our Wormwood Infused Black Ink.

Use this ink to inscribe sigils, wards, or transcribe spells.

Not for consumption.
Not suitable for skin.

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