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The Strength art piece is not only visually stunning but also serves as a powerful tool for ritual and spellwork. It’s an ideal addition to any altar or spell kit for those seeking strength and protection after experiencing mental or physical exhaustion. The runes of grounding, protection, strength, war, and knowledge combined with the artwork’s ancient aesthetic make it a potent symbol of resilience and endurance. Its unique appearance and powerful symbolism make the Strength art piece a must-have for anyone seeking to harness their inner strength and overcome adversity.

Alana, the artist, is fascinated by twisted, tired-looking trees, making this piece dear to her heart. Combining magic and old concepts drawn years ago, the artwork is sure to inspire and empower all who view it.

Each piece of paper features an array of organic inclusions, including contrasting fibres, natural wrinkles, and variations in texture. These inclusions are a tell-tale sign of the handmade process and give each piece a raw and ancient look reminiscent of a page from an ancient tome.

Do not display in direct sunlight. The colour will lighten over time if exposed over a long period of time.

Printed on handmade, hand-dyed paper with a cotton base.
Each piece of paper varies in size, measuring anywhere from 19x15cm to 18x14cm.

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