Wormwood Grimoire Page



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The Wormwood Grimoire page found in the Ars Magica (the art of magic) box is a standalone page that offers all the magical connections to the Wormwood plant from an Australian perspective. The Wormwood Grimoire page provides information on various aspects, such as times, planets, deities, colours, astrology, runes, and more. So, if you’re interested in exploring the magical properties of Wormwood, the Wormwood Grimoire page is an excellent resource to start with.

Purchasing this page does not give you permission to sell or reproduce it.

This is not a downloadable item, it is a physical page.
Spell and Grimoire pages printed on 90gsm aged parchment paper and come in a5 size.

We have designed the pages in a way that allows you to stain them again if you prefer a darker look, without the risk of the print running.

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