Ars Magica Incense



Unlock the full potential of your magic with Ars Magica ritual incense. This powerful blend combines carefully powdered herbs of power, protection, and sight. Each ingredient has been meticulously selected to amplify your spells and rituals, heighten your psychic abilities, and ensure your safety while you work. Experience an extraordinary surge in magical energy as you ignite this incense and immerse yourself in its wonderful aroma. Elevate your rituals and spells with Ars Magica incense and embrace the true essence of magical practice.

Magical Uses: Magical Power, Psychic Power, Strength, Focus, Meditation.

Incense comes in a corked glass amber jar.
Burn the incense in a flameproof dish or incense warmer. You can use the ash with salt to create a salt of protection called Black Witch’s Salt.