Witch’s Sight Incense



The Witch’s Sight incense, blended with mystical herbs and resins, enhances your intuitive abilities and inner vision. Regularly burn it to sharpen your psychic perception and deepen your insights. As the incense fills the air, it awakens your spiritual senses, allowing you to see beyond the mundane. The power of Witch’s Sight incense empowers you to connect with hidden realms and unravel the mysteries of the unseen. With each fragrant swirl, it opens your third eye, guiding you on a journey of heightened awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Use this potent incense to attune your intuition and embrace your innate mystic sight.

Magical Uses: Divination, Psychic Power, Clairvoyance, Astral Projection, Dreamwalking, Seeing

Incense comes in a corked glass amber jar.
Burn the incense in a flameproof dish or incense warmer. You can use the ash with salt to create a salt of protection called Black Witch’s Salt.