Witch’s Bounty Incense



The Witch’s Bounty incense, a blend of herbs and resins, actively releases energies of wealth, abundance, prosperity, and riches. Burn it daily to shift stagnant energies and draw forth these potent qualities. As it burns, it manifests financial and material wealth, and abundance in love, family, health—anything you desire. Its fragrant wafts actively invite the universe’s bounty, opening doors to endless blessings of prosperity and abundance in your life. The Witch’s Bounty incense is a powerful tool for enhancing various aspects of your life.

Magical Uses: Money, Abundance, Wealth, Prosperity, Success

Incense comes in a corked glass amber jar.
Burn the incense in a flameproof dish or incense warmer. You can use the ash with salt to create a salt of protection called Black Witch’s Salt.