Banish Negativity Incense



The Banish Negativity incense, crafted to repel negative energies, actively purifies and cleanses your surroundings. Burn it regularly to dispel negativity, unwanted entities, and create a positive atmosphere. Its fragrant swirls actively promote a sense of calm and peace within you, removing any lingering malevolent influences. As the incense engulfs the air, it shifts and banishes negative energies, fostering clarity and emotional well-being. Use this banish negativity incense to foster a sanctuary of positivity and safety in your space.

Magical Uses: Purification, Banishment, Clearing, Dispel Negativity and Malice

Incense comes in a corked glass amber jar.
Burn the incense in a flameproof dish or incense warmer. You can use the ash with salt to create a salt of protection called Black Witch’s Salt.