Banish Negativity Incense

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This Banish Negativity incense should be everyone’s go to incense for daily and long term removal of negative energy. As from day to day, we unintentionally pick up energy hooks from others and sometimes these hooks can weigh us down. By using this blend, you’ll banish and remove the unwanted energies from objects and people that do not serve the better of you.

For best results, use on a Saturday, the day of cleansing and during the Waning Moon for long term removal.

Magical Uses: Cleanse, Banish, Purify, Cutting Cords Magic, Remove Malice

Just remember, when you banish someone from your life, you are not wishing them harm. You are simply cutting that energy hook or cord that once tied you both together.

Please do not inhale the smoke directly.
Never leave anything burning unattended.
Always burn incense in a well ventilated room.

Ritual incense contains all natural imported and wildcrafted resins, mixed with herbs, roots and flowers from the Sorcerous Sundries garden!
Banish Negativity incense comes in a glass vial with cork.

Sprinkle a small amount into your cauldron or fire resistant vessel with a prepared charcoal disk.

Allow your creativity flow free during spell work and watch the enchanting plumes of smoke rise from your cauldron. Burn this incense daily to keep shifting the energy within a space, stopping stagnant energy from forming.

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1 review for Banish Negativity Incense

  1. J K. (verified owner)

    Love this blend, beautiful, clean and uplifting aroma. And apparently doesn’t bother my housemate who tends not to tolerate incense very well. Will certainly buy again, perfect to burn after a full moon. <3

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