Arcane Circle Incense



The Arcane Circle incense, magically crafted to invoke a protective barrier, actively fortifies your space with protective energies. Regularly burn it to create a potent shield against negative forces and unwanted influences. As the incense permeates the air, a powerful barrier forms, safeguarding you from malevolent forces and unwelcome influences. Feel the reassurance of its powerful aura enveloping you, providing a sense of security in the refreshed protective sanctuary. With the Arcane Shield incense, you can cultivate a haven of protection, allowing your spirit to thrive in peace.

Magical Uses: Protection, Sanctuary, Stability, Strength

Incense comes in a corked glass amber jar.
Burn the incense in a flameproof dish or incense warmer. You can use the ash with salt to create a salt of protection called Black Witch’s Salt.