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Warrior’s Rest is a more concentrated version of the Unburden ointment to help with aching joints and bruises. For when it comes to joint aches and muscle soreness, I know how much of a burden it can be, especially when your hands or feet decide to cramp up during the day. I’ve included more organic and homegrown plants that are known to have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. The chosen herbal allies will aid in loosening the muscles around the affected area and ease the pain.

For sore feet, try a few drops onto your palm (enough for both feet), rub hands together to warm, then give yourself a much-needed foot massage. Just remember to bring a towel or something to wipe away the excess oil before walking anywhere. You will slip on tiled or varnished surfaces and stain any non red surfaces.

Infused herbal oils of coconut oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil.
This body potion is free from essential oils, additives and dyes. However, due to the high amounts of capsaicin, this product may stain items.
For external use only. Not for consumption.

Disclaimer: In accordance with Australian Government guidelines no therapeutic claims are made and no medical advice is offered. This information is strictly for general information.

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