Cedarwood, Himalayas Essential Oil


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You’ll find this 100% pure essential oil of Cedarwood, Himalayas in a few of the Sorcerous Sundries Grounding spells. The scent of this pure oil will ground any chaotic energy back down to the earth to create a stable and calming energy.

Cedarwood Magic: Healing, Luck, Wealth, Protection, Cleansing and Banishing
Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Latin: Cedrus Deodara

Listing is for 10ml.

Add a few drops to an oil warmer or to bath water for rituals. Use to anoint candles for candle magic or on yourself for practical spells. Combine with other essential oils to create the perfect oil blend, or add 5 drops to every 10ml of vegetable oil to use on the skin. Add to spell sachets, ritual salts, dream pillows or anything that is calling to you!

Essential, like spell oils, are used to anoint candles and other magical tools to enhance magic. To learn how to anoint candles, and how to get the most out of you magical oils, click HERE to explore the witchcraft guide.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don’t ingest this or any other oil.
Some essential oils can cause skin irritation.
Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes.

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