Seventh Sanctum Perfume Oil



Retail Price: $20 

Seventh Sanctum perfume oil helps you protect and access your highest level of spiritual energy. This luxurious perfume oil contains a potent blend of ingredients that cleanse and purify your aura, releasing negative energy and allowing you to embrace positivity. It also promotes calm and clarity, enabling you to tap into your deepest intuition and unlock your full spiritual potential.

Let Seventh Sanctum perfume be your guide on your spiritual journey.

Perfume oils come in a see-through black glass bottle with metal ball roller.
Test a small patch on your skin first, as some essential oils and fragrance oils can irritate sensitive skin.
Contains almond oil as a base.
All Perfume Oils are oil burner/warmer safe.

Sorcerous Sundries, the official wholesale business for Speak in Spells retail store, offers a wide range of distinctive, handcrafted, and imported products specifically designed for practitioners of magic. 


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