Grounding Ritual Perfume Oil



Retail Price: $20 

Grounding Ritual perfume oil is the perfect way to reconnect with nature and find your centre. With its unique blend of oils, this oil captures the essence of the forest. Applying a drop or two to your pulse points can help ground your energy, calm your mind, and promote a sense of inner peace. The aroma of pine, fir, and cedar create a soothing atmosphere, as if you’re standing in the heart of a woodland paradise.

Whether you’re looking to start your day with a sense of tranquillity or find balance after a long day, Grounding Ritual perfume oil is an essential tool for meditation and earthing.

Perfume oils come in a see-through amber glass bottle with metal ball roller
Test a small patch on your skin first, as some essential oils and fragrance oils can irritate sensitive skin.
Contains almond oil as a base.
All Perfume Oils are oil burner/warmer safe.

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