Summon Forth Spell Oil



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Summon Forth Spell Oil is an oil needed when wanting to manifest all that you desire. To really get this most of of this spell oil, use during the New Moon with your goal in mind and charge it with your own magic. The spell oil and your magic woven together will create a powerful combination to summon forth your desire, regardless of size! Just keep in mind that the bigger things, like having that dream home or partner take a little more time than the smaller things to manifest.

Anoint Grey, green and white candles during the New Moon to bring about your goal. Anoint wrists and heart until the Full Moon to keep the intentional magic flowing.

Made by hand with blends of almond oil, essential oil, herbs, roots and resins. Then woven with magic and crystal energies to bring about the strongest of intentions. Add a few drops to an oil warmer or to bath water for rituals. Alternatively, add to spell sachets, ritual salts,  or read our spell oil guide on how to use magical oils.

FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don’t ingest this or any other oil.
Spell oils contain a high concentration of essential oils. If planning to use a spell oil on your skin, we recommend diluting before application. After dilution, test a few drops on your inner wrist as some essential oils can cause skin irritation.
Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes. Avoid if pregnant.
May contain nuts/nut oil.

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