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Witches Spell Salt

Traditionally, Witches Spell Salt is a mixture of salt and charcoal.

Mixed together with herbs, ash and pepper, a witches spell salt makes for the perfect ingredient in any and all spell work.

Some witches will use salt to represent the element of earth, since it is a mineral, or some will use it to represent water, as salt comes from the sea. Some magic users will use ritual salt as an offering to their gods and goddesses.

Salt Superstitions

If someone spills the salt at dinner, it means a violent family quarrel is on the way.

In parts of northern England and Scotland it was bad luck to lend salt, as the person borrowing it can use it as a magical link to curse you.

There is also a tale that bewitched cattle will not touch salt.

If you spill salt you must throw it over your shoulder to bring you good luck and to keep evil at bay.

Common Salt Types

Pink Himalayan Salt: Used in spells to release from attachment. It has gentle, but strong grounding and centring energies and brings prosperity and abundance into a home. Promotes love, happiness, and friendship.

Black Salt: Absorbs and contains any negativity. It drives away evil and protects your home and belongings.  Hexing, Cursing, undoings, uncrossings, binding work, journeying to the afterlife, honouring the crone, and many other workings use black salt. Mix black salt with sulphur for cursing or herbs of banishing to rid the area of negativity.

Sea Salt: Sacred to water deities and used often in Sea Witchcraft. Make herbal salt scrubs. Used to consecrate. Commonly used to make magic circles. Used for protection as well as, purity, protection, purification, and blessings.

What to Use Spell/Ritual Salt for

There are many ways to use ritual or spell salts. Hide a small pouch of black salt within a room to absorb negativity. Cast protection circles with white salt or protection salt. Add a spoon of your spell salt to your floor wash for cleansing unwanted energy out. Do a salt cleanse to absorb and purify all negativity from a room. Create magical pouches with herbs and crystals to manifest your intent, like a love pouch with love ritual salt. You can even use spell salts to charge and cleanse some crystals and other magical items.

Remember!! Whatever herbs you add to the spell salt enhances the salts the intentions!

Many Blessings,
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