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Witchcraft Pendulum Magic

Witchcraft Pendulums are great for simple, everyday divination.

The magic of a Witchcraft pendulum is the most simplest of them all. To the point where non witches will use it to figure out the sex of an unborn child. They are used to find a quick answer or to unblock Chakras and other psychic blocks.

Witchcraft Pendulums do not have to be fancy, or expensive, just something you can put your true intent into. You can make your own pendulum, if buying one isn’t an option for you. It can be a simple as a ring or rock on a piece of thread. As long as it hangs still and centred, you have a pendulum ready for magic. Though, try to make the pendulum as natural as possible to be in tune with all energies.

Using A Witchcraft Pendulum

Many people like to have just one special Witchcraft pendulum to aid in their magic for all uses. However, if it resonates with you, you can have multiple pendulums to serve different needs. These purposes could be as simple as finding a lost item, job hunting, looking for love or choosing what to eat for dinner.

A simple way to familiarise yourself with your pendulum, is to become acquainted with it. Hold it in your hand, study it, feel the energy vibrating from it. Become as familiar with the surfaces, the sounds it makes when it moves, the shadows it casts. Once you feel comfortable with it, it’s time to get started.

  • Take a seat at a table or somewhere with a sturdy flat surface
  • Sit comfortably and with correct posture
  • Rest your elbow on the table (especially if you have a tremor like myself), and hold the pendulum by the end of the chain
  • Place your other hand flat on the table, palm facing up
  • Speak clearly to your pendulum, say “Show me yes”, it will begin swing, that is the sign for “yes”
  • Once you are familiar with ‘yes’ stop your pendulum with your free hand
  • Speaking clearly again, say “Show me no”, it will show you what ‘no’ looks like
  • Once it tells you ‘yes’ and ‘no’, stick to them

Pendulum Charts

You may have seen pendulum mats or charts, these are to make things easier. You can buy or make a chart to use with your pendulum. Making one is simple, draw a circle, and put “yes” and “no” on opposite sides. You can choose to include ‘maybe’ and ‘rephrase’, Days of the week, Zodiacs or a complete set of numbers and letters. These extra things aren’t necessary until you become more comfortable with your pendulum. Your pendulum will gravitate towards the answer to give you a clear message.

For a more in-depth guide on how to use your pendulum for specific questions, head over to the Advance Pendulum Magic Post.

Many Blessings,
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