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What is Grounding Energy

So what exactly is Grounding Energy?

Grounding energy has many names but what it is exactly, is a process of becoming aware of out physical body and it’s connection with the Earth. It is, and should be, a daily meditative practice to help improve your mental and emotional health. And as part of most magical practices, it assists us in direction and flow of energy.

The act of Grounding allows us to siphon the limitless energy from the Earth and release our excess energy back to the Earth. This has the effect of settling the mind and body allowing one to be centred, or Grounded, giving you better focus.

This blog post won’t tell you how to ground as there is a post already explaining some of the various methods.

The Many Terms of Grounding

As I stated before, Grounding has many names but they all mean the same thing. Some of these names are old and come from the older practices. Some of these names are new and come from the New Age/Spiritual movement.
Regardless, the following names all mean the same thing;

  • Earthing
  • Centre/Centred
  • Grounded/Grounding

What these above terms actually mean is that you focus, present, confident and practical. That your state of mind is present, in the physical world and not scattered about with a million thoughts. Grounded is being conscious of every breath you take, the way you move, the thought of every action you’re about to do.

Most of the time, our minds are not in tune with our body, we don’t know, we just do. So when you’re ungrounded, you maybe moody, unable to focus, become easily distracted or feel disconnected. Think of being ungrounded as the term “air head” and grounded say the term “feet firmly on the ground”!

Now, when you hear or read that herbs, crystals, scents and other things can ground you, it simple means that these sundries help achieve a grounded state. This is because it helps us by focusing on the element of Earth, or the physical part of ourselves, by improving our focus, leaving behind the scattered state of mind. If you’re like me, objects and scents are a great way to help achieve or maintain a grounded state if you have difficulty!

In all, there a many ways to Ground yourself by using herbs, meditation, visualisation or implementing the original Chakra system. All of these things help and when combined with aids, like herbs, the better the outcome. But since we are witches let’s explore what Grounding means in magic!

Why Ground in Magic?

Since the Earth has a limitless energy supply, this supply allows spell weavers to “tap” into this energy and use it without depleting themselves during spell work. This doesn’t have to be just for spell work, this applies to divination and healing work. Casting spells and looking into ones possible future can leave you exhausted, physically and mentally and feeling disconnected.

Try grounding before casting a spell or ritual to improve your focus and reduce the likelihood of being distracted. Distractions cause the spell to fail and will often leave you exhausted, feeling fatigued and spacey.

This is when grounding after a spell or ritual is important. It helps you to return to a state of focus and to the “Real world” state, allowing you to figure out if you need to stop the current spell and cast at another time. Grounding after a successful spell or ritual allows you to focus on the real world and preform task with clear thought, like driving home or helping out around the home.

Centring or Grounding yourself serves as both a preventative and a remedy for chaotic energy.

Get Grounding!

Grounding may sound odd and feel a little odd at first, but it should become a daily practice, especially after those long days at work. It helps you to release those horrible emotions of stress and anxiety, and allows you to calm down and relax.

And after performing a ritual or spell, who wouldn’t want to eat delicious food and drink afterwards? Allow yourself to replenish your energy and remind yourself that you’re on the physical plane.

Once you’ve learnt how to Ground yourself, you will wonder why you never had never done it before!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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