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Ways to Rest for Midwinter

This year, I want to share some ways to rest up for Midwinter. Yes, I have been hounding on about the importance of this years Midwinter’s rest but I truly do believe that after everything that’s happened over the last few years, we all need a bit of time out.

Winter is a time of hibernation, reflection, wisdom, healing and reflection. It’s a time to surround ourselves with tranquil energy and let our tired spirit rest.

Rest like the Hermit in Tarot and look within for wisdom. The Hermit tells us to stop looking outward for answers and help. It’s time to block out all the outside noise and turn inward to re-spark your light. 

Alternatively, think of the Moon in Astrology during this dark time. The Moon represents our unconscious, our emotions and rules the astrology sign of Cancer, the crab. A crab retreats into its shell, symbolising the need to withdraw from the outside world and pay attention within. Sounds like the Hermit card. Maybe a Hermit Crab is the spirit of Midwinter?…

I’ll see myself out for the lame joke and jump into some of the ways you can rest and rejuvenate for Midwinter!

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5 Ways to Rest and Revive for Midwinter

Candlelit Baths

Take long, warm soaks (or steamy showers) surrounded by candles and tantalising aromas. Nurture your inner sanctuary with an oil blend that moves your soul and products that relax every muscle in your body. Listen to music during your bath, or sit in contemplation and meditation (try not to fall asleep). Spend some time pampering your spirit and outer self with a magical, homemade body butter.

Stones of Protection

Winter is the time of year negative energies are heightened, so protection is crucial. Keep a Smoky Quartz generator in your bedroom or sacred space to combat negative energy, carry Black Tourmaline with you for a protective shield, or meditate with Obsidian to protect your body and draw you inward for answers. 

Count Your Blessings

It’s time to think of how you offer love to yourself, who makes you feel loved and how/whom you wish to love. Look around at your sacred space and give thanks to each and every item within sight. For when you’re comfortable and feel safe, your heart rests knowing that the magic of love is all around you.

Ground Yourself

During the cold and dreary winter, we can feel unplugged and off balance from the material world. We can feel disconnected from ourselves, from others and disconnected from our magic. Grounding helps us come “back down”, be centred, feel safe and confident. This allows for rest and feeling secure. 

Nurture Your Body

Many of us spend a good chunk of our time indoors during the winter. While many see this as a bad thing, use this time to get in the kitchen and cook up some warm, nourishing foods! Bake some bread for a veggie stew and bone broth, or bake a hearty winter pie to warm your very soul.

Rest Is Important

Out of all the seasons, the energy of this season isn’t to be ignored. We all need to rest in order to rejuvenate our soul and spirit. When we take this time to rest, we come out with more balance, wisdom, and stability. We shine our brightest when our spirit is nurtured, relaxed and feeling care free.

I will end by saying, there is a slight danger to this season’s energy. It’s cold, dark and can bring the energy of your spirit down further than before. Don’t allow the darkness of the season block your spirit’s light. Use any of the suggested ways of rest to maintain a positive perspective this Midwinter!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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