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FREE shipping on all orders over $150 within Australia

Smoke Cleansing

Smoke Cleansing is a powerful and ancient practice used by all weavers of magic.

The act of smoke cleansing, the burning of herbs, is performed before rituals or spell casting to call upon the magical spirits of our sacred plants. These spirits aid one in cleansing out stagnant or negative energies from people, crystals, rooms and other objects. However, burning specific herbs can assist in the creating or releasing of different energies and intentions. Example, clearing out the anger from an argument and bringing in love to balance out the family home.

Why smoke cleanse?

Smoke Cleansing awakens our senses, giving us a heightened state of awareness. The aromas of the herbs burning, brings our sense of smell to a pleasant place. It encourages and assists all of our senses to open up, to be receptive to the divine spirit.

One powerful habit to grow is daily smoke cleansing. As more often than not, you are unwittingly picking up energy from others and from your own experiences in your day to day life. And if you happen to be someone who is hyper sensitive to the energies around you, as many witches tend to be, cleansing and purifying with smoke is extremely beneficial. So, whether you are new to witchcraft or experienced, every household should own a Cleansing Stick or two!

Must I always use smoke?

In life, there are situations where the burning of herbs is not an option. These can be moments such as being a guest in someone else’s home, renting or travelling. One cannot simply break out some herbs and begin burning! So I created smokeless Mist Potion Sprays which contain true plant hydrols (distilled flower water from creating essential oils) and some essential oils.
True, you are not burning herbs as is the nature with smoke cleansing. However, spraying the air and your body with one of these Mist Potion Sprays is still very powerful. The essence of sacred plants are present and they never fail to cleanse, balance and bless with their magical properties!

Check out the array of incense and cleansing smoke blends HERE!

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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