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Rose Water Magic

Rose water is not only wonderfully fragrant but it is extremely versatile when it comes to magic and the mundane. It has an extensive range of uses including facial toner, love spells, and a misting perfume for almost everything. Plus, rose water in food is amazing, like a classic Turkish Delight!

Now, while this post is mainly going to be about how to use Rose water in magic, there will be a little bit on how to use it for mundane purposes whilst adding in the love magic of Rose.

Simmer vs. Distilling

For this post we will be talking about the simmer method as it’s easier and most people have access to a big ol pot. Simply pop a heap of fresh Rose petals into some spring water and simmer (not boil) away! This method leaves you with a pinkish/redish colour liquid. This method is best in small batches as it’s shelf life is essentially non existent.
The distilling method makes a hydrosol. It’s easy to make as well, but you need a still (expensive) and it takes a lot more time. However, you may be able to get a very tiny amount of essential oil from this method. The Rose hydrosol has a better shelf life (still need to add preservatives in for over 3 weeks) and is clear in colour.
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Choosing your petals

We all know there are many varieties of Rose but for this post, we aren’t looking for flavour but the magic of the flower.

So first up, pick a colour. The colour of a Rose determines the magic it holds and the magic that will be attracted. This helps to amplify your intentions when creating this wonderful potion.

Then the next step is to find a growing source of Rose. You’re more than welcome to use store brought Roses but just make sure they’re free of pesticides and grown organically. The pesticide and organic rule also applies if you grow your own. On top of that, if you are going to use Roses that grow in your garden (or someone else’s), try to pick the petals in the morning as the petals fragrance is at it’s peak. 

Magical and Mundane Uses for Rose water

The first use is the most practical use for both magic and mundane. Once your Rose water is ready, pop it straight into a glass misting bottle and spray around the room. Done! You now have a space clearing mist that essentially “hugs” the negative energy out of the room, replacing it with love and calming energy. For the mundane side of things, spritz it on to your face to calm down irritated skin. Alternatively, spritz a tiny amount into your hair releasing the wonderful aroma of Rose, creating attraction wherever you walk.

With keeping the theme of applying rose water to the body for magic, wash your hands in the water before preforming love spells or divination. Pour some into the bath tub for self love rituals. And finally, to really amplify the magic of love and attraction, place your Rose water out under the Full Moon to charge.

For some quick mundane uses that also contain that little bit of magic, add some Rose water to your drinks (including tea) for that little extra surprising sweetness. You can even mix a tiny amount with creamy greek yoghurt to remove some of the sourness.

Bottom line is, Rose water is an easy and affective method to draw in love, attraction, uplift ones mood and hug out the negative energy that’s stagnant. Just pop it in a misting bottle and visualise the mist as tiny magical sparks of true love.

Use it every day!

As you may have figured by now, Rose water is something to incorporate into your daily life. It’s so simple to make the uses and benefits outweigh so much! Plus, you can use it discreetly if you’re still in the broom closet. No one needs negative energy hanging about.

Just as a little side note the method of making Rose water and how to use it can also be easily done with Lavender for its magic!

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