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How To Infuse Oils

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When it comes to knowing how to infuse oils, you may want to know what it is as it’s not as complicated as some will lead you to believe. In fact, an infused oil is simply an oil that has had plant matter resting inside a jar for 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the plant matter.

What Is Needed

Infusing oils is really simple that you only need three things!

  • Dried herbs or Fresh herbs
  • Oil of your choice (NO Olive oil)
  • A jar that you can fill to the top with herbs

The reason I say not to use Olive Oil is because it has the tendency to go rancid, especially when it comes to using fresh herbs. If you’re looking for an oil that you can consume that has a long shelf life, use MCT coconut oil.

How to Infuse Oils

This is the easy part!

  1. Simply fill your jar all the way to the top with your herb or herbs of choice
  2. Then, fill the jar that’s full of herbs with oil
  3. Put it in a dark, warm spot and wait


Make sure none of the herbs are sticking out of the oil, it will go rancid, even if you’re using dried herbs. Waiting times will vary, with dried herbs you want to wait between 6 to 12 weeks for a nice, proper infusion. When it comes to fresh herbs, never ever go over 6 weeks waiting. Your fresh plant matter is decaying and will rot in your oil causing it to go rancid.

Best way to use an infused oil is for a hair mask or to add to balms for skin medicine. Infused oils can be used for almost anything and added to everything! Infuse an oil with garlic for cooking or infuse an oil for your skin, the possibilities are endless.

Many Blessings,
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