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Full Moon Magic

The Moon Moves Us

full moon magic, Australian witchcraft supplies, Adelaide witchcraft store, free witchcraft spells, witchcraft blog, witchcraft shop, witchcraft suppliesWorking with the Full Moon has long been a powerful source of magic for all witches. For when the Moon is full, her magic is strong and powerful. Allowing us to weave powerful spells of manifestation, to recharge our drained energy and to look upon something beautiful in the night sky.

Moon magic is a comfortable step to take when first getting into witchcraft. Never feel like you MUST know everything before you take your first step into witchcraft, a full moon is a perfect way to cast your first spell and weave your magic into the realms.

Allow yourself or your family to make a wish upon the Full moon, your spell has been spun!

Full Moon Magic

Since the Moons energy is at her peak, this is a prime time for weaving protection magic and divination of any sort. This energy can also be applied to spells that need a little bit of extra energy. Spells like, finding a new job, love, legal matters, money, healing, really any spell that requires a helping hand can have the Full Moon energy applied to it.

This powerful energy can be harnessed three days before the Full Moon, during the Full Moon and 3 days after the Full Moon. But if you’re time specific like me, the time best for Full Moon magic, is when the moon is at her absolute peak!

How to use the moons energy

The energy of the Full Moon can be harvested and weaved in many ways. Here are just a few common ways that we can all harvest the magic of the Full Moon.

  • Cleanse and recharge your crystals in a full moon bath. Place them in view of the full moon, either outside or inside.
  • Recharge your own energy. Draw the Moon Mother down to you, bathe in the ethereal light on a walk or in by Moon tanning.
  • Create Moon Water. Add a pinch of salt to a silver or crystal bowl with spring or collected rain water in sight of the Full Moon.
  • Perform powerful spells for manifestation when the Moon is at her peak.
  • Gardening. Look to your local almanac for days and timings.
  • Cutting Cords spell or Release Rituals are powerful at this time, especially if they were started from the Dark Moon.

There are, of course, many other ways to harness the moons energy and incorporate into your magic. These are just a simple few that seem to be everyone’s favourite magical staples!

Do You Feel Different?

Working with and honouring the energy of the Full Moon allows you to connect to your inner goddess. She recharges, energises and empowers us with great power. It is at this time you should feel complete, feel whole and full of energy.

At this time the Moon will show you the success or failure of your spells. If the spell you cast on the last Full Moon fails, this is the prime time to re examine your direction and action plan. Never be afraid to recast your failed spells!

Sometimes the energy can be so beautiful, so powerful that you end up crying from being beautifully overwhelmed. And that’s ok! I personally use those tears as a thank you gift, one of pure love. So, however the moon makes you feel and whatever you wish to do with the her energies, always give thanks for the things you receive and weave the most powerful of magic.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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