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Cleansing with White Sage

Bring balance back into your home

Cleansing with White Sage has become a popular way to shift the energy within an area or person, and remove the negative energy. If you do not have any white sage, don’t worry! Traditional witchcraft uses many herbs for smoke cleansing rituals. But this isn’t a post of the lore of White Sage, this is how to conduct a cleansing with White Sage, so lets move on!

Remember to be respectful of other cultural practices. The practice of Smudging belongs to Native Americans. So when using White Sage as your herb of choice to cleanse, you are simply doing a smoke cleanse, not smudging.

Before cleansing with White Sage

I recommend you open up your house for a few minutes before cleansing with white sage. This will allow the air to flow through your home before and during your smoke cleansing. The ventilation not only prevents smoke alarms going off, but allows for the shift in energy and unwanted guests to exit from your space.

If you leave the house or room closed up, how will anything leave?

You’ll need a few items

  • White Sage (wand, loose incense or stick/cone incense)
  • For this you’ll need a heat safe burning vessel such as an cast iron cauldron or ceramic pot. Always place a bit of sand on the bottom of ceramic vessels to protect the bottom.
  • Matches or a lighter

Now, down here in the Southern Hemisphere everything is the opposite of what you’ll find in books (unless written by someone in the southern hemisphere). So for banishing negative energy move clockwise and for bringing in good positive energy move counterclockwise. Remember this. For you are working with the energies that surround you, not against.

So let’s start with a self cleanse! I’ll be going through different cleanses using the popular White Sage wand.

Self Cleansing with smudge sticks, bundles or White Sage

  • Light the end of your sage wand and gently blow out the flame. This will cause the sage to smoulder
  • Focus your energy on the smoke
  • Use your hand or a  fan to direct the smoke over your body moving from your feet up to your head, then back down to the feet
  • Stay focused and concentrate on your breathing
  • Visualise the smoke vanquishing all negative energies from the body

You may also incorporate a cleansing chant throughout this process. Anything you feel is needed can be incorporated when going through a smoke cleanse.

Cleansing your home with White Sage

  • Light the sage wand and begin in the eastern corner of your house
  • Cleanse each corner of your home moving in a clockwise direction
  • Focus on the corners of your home as they accumulate the most stagnant energy
  • Continue to use your hand or a fan to move the smoke around

Don’t forget about closed spaces, closets, cabinets, rooms, basements, garages, laundry rooms, etc.

At each entryway, chant your intentions of clearing negative energy and outline the doorway with the smoke
As you pass through each doorway, visualise the room protected and sealed of all negative energy
Pass the sage smoke over the edges of each window and each door as you continue to work throughout your space.
Once you have cleansed your entire home, place the sage wand in your heat resistant vessel and allow it to burn out on its own
Like candles, never put a sage wand out my force, always allow the smudge stick to extinguish on its own
You may also choose to bury the wand(s) in your garden to complete the ritual.

Get into a regular cleansing routine

It’s a good habit to cleanse your space at the beginning of every season. This doesn’t mean you can’t cleanse more often. Cleanse yourself and space weekly, monthly, after an argument, when the family leaves the home or whenever you feel a build up of negativity. Hell, cleanse yourself after you’ve finished work for the day. We absorb so much energy in our daily lives from other people, that it is so easy to become unbalanced, a good cleanse helps bring the balance back.

So, whenever you feel a sense of unbalance or negativity, its time to hold ritual, smoke cleanse, and release that which no longer serves.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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