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Beeswax Wrap Recipe

So a beeswax wrap is not magic

But it can bee, as this beeswax wrap is reusable and requires you to put your energy into it! These little babies help to replace plastic, are full of nature and help to reduce throw away rubbish that ends up in land fill. Use them to wrap sandwiches and rolls, cover plates and bowls, leftover and much more!

Not only will these help you to reduce the use of plastic, but they will be made with love and the intent of healing the earth!

The recipe below makes enough to make four decent sized square wraps, approximately 25x25cm

Reusable Beeswax Wrap Ingredients

  • Cotton fabric cut to desired size
  • 50g beeswax
  • 25g gum rosin (pine resin)
  • 2 tbsp viscous oil

You will also need a small jar or wide bowl, saucepan, spoon to stir, oven, oven tray, baking or parchment paper, a basting brush (keep this brush for this purpose only), clothes hanger for drying, pegs for hanging. Please do not use a plastic brush as it could melt with the heat!

Most of these items will end up ruined or unusable after the wax has been on all over it


  • Preheat your oven to 150C
  • Place the beeswax, rosin and oil into a jar
  • Then place jar into a saucepan filled with about 6cm of water
  • Put the saucepan onto the stove and on medium heat, melt the contents of the jar, stirring occasionally
  • The water in the saucepan should be simmering
  • Lay baking or parchment paper over the oven tray and place your fabric flat on top
  • Once the beeswax mixture has completely melted, use a spoon and drizzle the mixture evenly over the fabric
  • Place the tray into the pre-heated oven for about 2 minutes to reheat. This is necessary for ease of spreading in the next step.
  • Carefully pull the oven tray out and use your basting brush to spread the mixture quite thick and evenly over the entire fabric
  • Pop it back into the oven for a minute to melt away any uneven bumps or clumps
  • Remove from oven and hang up with pegs on a hanger to let set and dry

You will end up with a fantastic reusable food wrap with excellent gripping power!

How to use your beeswax wrap

These reusable beeswax wraps are an excellent alternative to plastic cling wrap and zip lock bags. Try to find food grade pine resin and not just harvest it from a pine tree.Store them by folding neatly and keep in a dry cool place. Kitchen draws are perfect!

Wipe the wraps down with a damp cloth and air dry them. This will extend the life of the wrap.
To wash, use a mild natural detergent in cool water. Pat dry with a clean tea towel and air dry. Avoid warm and hot water as it will melt the wax.

Not suitable for the dishwasher or washing machine.

Do not heat or microwave.
Do not use with raw meat.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
You don’t want to undo all your beautiful hard work!

Things of note

Keep in mind that your finished result will also have a slightly yellow tint. Choose fabric with deep colour if you wish to avoid it having an odd tint. Not all pure beeswax is a nice bright yellow!

If you feel your wax is too sticky, use a little less pine resin.

For a vegan version you can substitute candelilla wax for the beeswax, but it will be up to you to experiment. I personally have not use the wax, yet.

These wraps are an absolute delight and you should be proud of your creation. Little things like this can help to reduce our human damage and help the earth regenerate.

Many Blessings,
Sorcerous Sundries

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