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This Witch’s Wand is woven with magic to enhance the magic of any spell weaver!

Upon this wand you’ll find a natural clear quartz mined locally within South Australia. This is a powerful crystal of focus, manifestation, healing, banishing and power. It will allow you to cast your circles with strongest of magic. The runes burnt into the wand represent the magic contain within.

Use the Witch’s Wand for: Elemental Magic, Fae magic, Protection, Manifesting, Communication, Offensive & Defensive Magic

This wand is the magical creation of Esmeralda the Local Hag, found right here in South Australia!
Made with wood, natural crystals, glue, cord and hand burnt symbols. This is natural wood and not an animal bone

Not sure on how to use an item or want to learn the basics? Click HERE to view the witchcraft guides blog.

Wands are a point of magical focus for directing your energy and are great for casting circles of magic. They hold the Element of Fire within them and deal with the spiritual level of consciousness. This is why it is much more easier to focus the intent of your spell! Each wand is unique in power, aiding you on your journey within the Craft, so choose wisely!

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