White Sage Cleansing Stick


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This White Sage cleansing wand is homegrown from seed, here in Adelaide, to create a powerful smoke wand of banishing, blessing and creating a greater connection with the spirit. It has a very sharp aromatic scent, perfect for awaking the senses and opening up the spiritual gate ways.
White sage used in ceremony by the Native American Indians for sending prayer and working with the power of spirit.

Use to cleanse an area or object of negative energy before use, allowing for a clean energy slate.

Magical Uses: Protection, Cleansing, Dispelling Negativity, Healing, Blessing

Leaf colour will vary depending due to the scorching summer sun we have been facing recently.

Burn and smoulder to create a cleansing smoke that removes stagnant energies from rooms, objects and people. Alternatively, you can pull the bundle apart and burn on a charcoal disk like you would with loose incense.

If you do not wish to burn the cleansing stick due to fire hazards, add the bundle to boiling water to release an aromatic steam. Alternatively, use an Enchanted Mist potion that contains the essential oils of plants, plus their distilled water, to be sprayed as a energy cleanser. No fire or heat necessary!

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