True Love Spell Box


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This True Love Spell Box is perfect for creating a stronger pull of true love into your life. Allow the magic within to fix broken love between family, friends or current lovers. Or, draw forth someone your heart truly desires!

True love is kind, gentle and nurturing, it doesn’t always need to be sexual.

Use this spell box to bring kind, true love into your life.
This spell will not bind another to you against their will.

Do remember that the energies within our universe work in mysterious ways. If your spell did not come to fruition, take sometime to mediate on your true goal and repeat. Most spells take one or more full moon cycles to take effect and you will certainly notice when it does!

True Love Spell Box Contains: Spell Scroll, Chime Candle, Spell Oil, Pin, Herbs, Pouch, Enchanted Mist & Crystal

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This Spell Box is a great gift idea for any new or intermediate Spell Caster. Parental supervision maybe required for younger people. Follow the directions written on the spell scroll. Keep your intention clear and focused when weaving your magic, as this allows the universe to hear and receive your strongest intent.

Some of the items within the spell box can be purchased through the store. However, some Spell Box offerings are exclusive to the spell box itself and will not be available for single purchase.

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