The Craft


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Celebrate the changing of the seasons and the beauty and power of the Moon, the Stars, and the Sun.

Written by a Witch who has spent many years teaching the Craft of Wicca to newcomers, this introductory guide presents everything you need to know for successful witchery, including:

An essential set of instructions and guidelines for beginning the practice of the Ancient arts
An overview of Wiccan beliefs, laws, rules, and principles
Directions for creating and using basic tools of the Craft–athame, wand, cup, pentacle, cauldron, broom, black mirror, and meditation
Easy-to-follow instructions for altar setup, circle-casting, building power, Deity invocation, and more
An assortment of miscellaneous spells, chants, and invocations for a variety of purposes
Walk the path of the Witch-live in harmony and balance, and discover the sacred within the natural world with The Craft.

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The various Books and Diaries found within our store, are packed full of information and here to help further your craft. Sorcerous Sundries tries to provide the best spell books and Southern Hemisphere based information, so that all witches can study them to their advantage!

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