Silver Plated Ritual Chalice, Small


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This small silver plated ritual chalice is an antique and holds a great amount of energy. It’s perfect for collecting rain water and leaving it outside during the Full Moon to create Moon Water to use in your magical weavings. The reflective silver coating allows for the magical rays of the Moon to bounce around the chalice, making sure every part of the liquid within is covered by magic!

The Chalice represents the element of Water and the silver represents the magic of the Moon, which some use to represent the power of the Goddess.

Use this silver plated ritual chalice for practical, ritual and magical purposes. Alternatively, use this chalice as a cup of offering by filling it with herbs, crystals and other magical items.

This chalice is NOT dishwasher safe. Please hand wash in warm soapy water.
To keep the chalice shiny and bright, use a silver specific polish every 6 to 12 months of use or whenever it starts to look dull.
If using the chalice to drink liquids from, make sure that all silver polish has been thoroughly washed off.

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