Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts


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Concisely written and richly illustrated – Sigils, Ciphers and Scripts is a most accessible and informative book on the occult history and graphic origins of the signs, symbols, scripts and ciphers of Western Occultism. Making it the first point of reference for all artists, designers, students and tutors with an interest in the esoteric glyphs of European mysticism.

Honestly one of the easiest books to follow when it comes to Sigils, Ciphers and other texts within the Craft. This book is straight to the point, not full of fluff and filled with easy to understand diagrams.

Please keep in mind that this is an oversized book and may not fit on your shelf.

Not looking for a physical book? Click HERE to the Sorcerous Sundries magical blog. Please be aware that the blog posts do not go in depth on the searched topic but are a great starting point for all witches.

Every witch needs a library packed full of magical guides, lore and spells. A library where one runs their finger along the spine of each magical tome to weave their magic.
Allow Sorcerous Sundries to do the hard work for you and find only the very best of magical texts!

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