Rose Quartz Obelisk


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Approximate Size: 90x30x30mm

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A Rose Quartz Obelisk is a powerful stone, known to open the heart at all levels, calming and reassuring. It can help comfort during times of grief, as it dispels negativity and replacing it with unconditional loving energy. Long known as the Love Stone, Rose Quartz encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance invoking self-trust and self-worth. This Rose Quartz Obelisk is great to have within the bedroom or within the living area.

Magical Uses: Heart Chakra, Unconditional Love, Beauty, Emotional Nurturing, Friendship, Romance, Fertility

Use for ritual work, charge tools, place them within your sacred space or altar to shift the energy.
Before using your new crystal, you should always consecrate each crystal for its intended purpose. For information on working with crystals, head over to the Crystals Blog page.

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