Riches Incense Sticks



Retail Price: $5

10g per packet

Riches Incense Sticks are strong and earthy, perfect for encouraging growth of any sort! Use the full potential of the herbs and oils blended to enhance all forms of growth magic. Work with the laws of attraction and start creating a healthier relationship with money.

Burn Riches incense sticks on a Full Moon to bring in Money, Abundance in Love or Happiness, and Growth.
Burn daily to steadily draw in the power of Wealth in all forms and allow yourself to be Rich in whatever you desire.

Allow this incense to shift the energies within any space using the element of Air.

Sorcerous Sundries, the official wholesale business for Speak in Spells retail store, offers a wide range of distinctive, handcrafted, and imported products specifically designed for practitioners of magic. 


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