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Powered Love Supply Spell Box


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Box contains:
1 small tumbled rose quartz
- This powerful stone is known to open the heart at all levels, calming and reassuring.

1 10ml Love Enchantment perfume oil
- Love Enchantment is an exquisite blend of the finest love drawing essences to evoke the emotion of love.

1 packet of Jasmine flowers
- Increase love and feminine energy. Add to poppets, use for candle magic burn on charcoal.

1 packet of Rose Petals
- The flower of true Love. Place in poppets, burn on charcoal, add to baths, water or use for candle magic.

3 bags of Lovers Tea (Rosehips and Hibiscus)
- 1 bag makes two cups of tea. Drink by yourself in a hot bath or drink with someone you truly love to increase your bond.

1 10ml bottle of Dragons Blood oil
- Increase your love magic with dragon's blood oil, its red color amplifies the passion of a work and its Mars association increases the power.

1 Vial of Sweetened Love powder
- When we welcome love into our every essence, we glow with happiness & compassion for all beings including ourselves. Use this powder to coat spell candles or burn on charcoal.

1 Fudge It votive (chocolate fudge)
- Burn to inhale the sweet and indulgent smell of rich chocolate. Simulate your sexual desire.

1 Frosted red glass votive of Berry and Violet
- Burn to find a new lover, bring back lost love or heal a broken heart

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