Piercing the Veil Perfume Oil


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This dark and spicy daily wear perfume will hone in on energies powerful enough to have you piercing through the veil, seeing the unseen. A word of warning, this potion is not for the inexperienced. This potion, when worn daily, will have you slipping into a trance like state where dreams mix with the awaken reality. Messages, visions and communication with the beyond come easily and will be hard to shake.

Allow this powerful blend to uplift the misty veil, piercing through the mundane and aid you in having a foot in each world.
Best used during the thinning of the veil, during Samhain and Beltane.

Green colour is due to the infused wormwood oil. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.
Do not use before driving or operating any sort of machinery.

Perfume oils come in a glass bottle with metal ball roller.
Test a small patch on your skin first, as some essential oils and fragrance oils can irritate sensitive skin. Contains coconut oil.

The magic from spell perfume oils pair well with spell candles and ritual incense. Find the right magical component for your spell weaving.

Spell perfume oils are slightly different from the regular perfume oils and spells oils. A spell perfume oil is a spell to wear upon yourself, as this time, you are the tool and conduit. A spell oil is for tools, candles and such, and a perfume oil is just there to bring about a pleasant aroma.

Warm the perfume bottle within your hands, creating an energy flow from you to the oil and then roll on where you desire.

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