Patchouli Leaves


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Patchouli Properties: Money, Fertility, Lust, Growth

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn

The Leaves, when burned, hold great power in banishing negative energies and defend against negative intent. Patchouli as a strong earthy but sweet scent with an immense pull of growth energy, perfect for money magic. Due to its strong earthly scent, it is often use as a substitute for graveyard dust. Sprinkle onto money, purses and wallets or around green candles for money spells.

There are a vast number of ways to use dried herbs, such as; creating tinctures, perfume oils, tea mixtures, spell bottles, magical sachets, incense and many more.
Many of the herbs, roots and flowers are home grown and harvested by the owner of Sorcerous Sundries.

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