Pagan Portals: Candle Magic


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By Lucy’s Starza

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Pagan Portals: Candle Magic is the perfect book for all witches, as candle magic is something almost everyone has tried, even as a child. I mean, who hasn’t made a wish over a birthday cake?

Candle spells are among the easiest yet also the most effective to perform. They are perfect for anyone who wants to have a go at casting a spell for the first time and for the solitary witch with a busy life. Yet candles are also an important part of modern pagan witchcraft rituals.

This book is for all who want to use candle magic, from beginners to those experienced in the craft; with everything from simple castings to elaborate and beautiful ceremonies.

Pagan portals candle magic offers a background to candle magic as well as spells, rituals, divination techniques, meditations, a guide to making your own candles and more.

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