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This pagan magical Book is the perfect beginners book to the Wiccan craft. Small enough to fit into your bag discreetly and perfect for the travelling Wiccan. This is Wiccan magic in all its multiple dimensions!

From the Wheel of the Year to the Laws of Magic. Discover the magical use of candles, incense, crystals and Tarot this limited edition Wiccan Pagan magical book.

Contains various Wiccan spells and rituals, recipes and diagrams on how to perform the craft.
Information is northern hemisphere based, but that doesn’t change the outcome of a spell.

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The various Books and Diaries found within our store, are packed full of information and here to help further your craft. Sorcerous Sundries tries to provide the best spell books and Southern Hemisphere based information, so that all witches can study them to their advantage!

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