Orange Aventurine Wand Pendulum


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This Orange Aventurine with amethyst point is perfect pendulum wand for divination and unblocking chakras.
The amethyst crystal stimulates the crown chakra and will aid in meditation, helping you to calm your thoughts.

As for the Orange Aventurine, it will help to amplify your energy and focus your thoughts. This will give you a clearer picture and answer to your questions. It is also has the name “whispering Stone” as it is a powerful aid in calming down the minds chatter and allowing critical thinking to emerge.

The energies of these Orange Aventurine and Amythist combine, make for one powerful pendulum wand!

Please beware that the colour and shape of the stones may vary as it is a natural stone.

Never used a pendulum mat before and want to know how? Check out this easy to read beginners guide on pendulum magic HERE.

The magical art of divination is simply the act of sourcing your own divinity or gaining aid from guides, to bring forth answers and guidance for problem solving. When it comes to using your pendulum, allow your ego to take a back seat, release control and let the energy flow from yourself or guides down the cord to create the swinging answers.

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