Mystic’s Sight Soaking Salts


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The Mystic’s Sight soaking salt is truly amazing when it comes to heightening your psychic awareness. I personally like to add these salts to a foot bath after a long day of being on my feet and do divination as it allows my body to give in freely to the calming, yet heightening energy of the veil.

And yes! The water will turn purple when you use these Mystic’s Sight salts. The colour is all natural, a dance between the citrus and flowers needing the perfect balance to bring forth the energy of purple colour magic.

Add the magical soaking salts to a reusable bag and use in lukewarm water before any spell casting or magic ceremony. Placing the salts within in a bag will allow for an easy clean up!
Allow the bath salts to dissolve, relax and smell the magical aromas of the natural herbs and oils.

Always test your skin to see if you are sensitive.
Do not use if you are allergic to essential oils or find that salt dries your skin.
Do NOT use if pregnant or breast feeding.


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Sorcerous Sundries soaking salts are a magical blend of all natural essential oils, tinctures, herbs, flowers, clays, salts and roots.
These magical salts aren’t just for use in the bath! Add a tablespoon or two for a nice foot soak to sooth sore, throbbing feet or add to a small bag and use as a body wash!

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