Mini Altar Nest


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This mini nest is perfect to place upon your altar for all your spring celebrations. Use this nest to place wishes of growth, fertility, abundance and protection within. I like to place crystals within the nest to help manifest my wish in to fruition! Of course, you can place decorated eggs within the nest during the Spring Equinox or Ostara to represent the return of life!

This is the perfect altar curio for the spring months! Welcoming in fertility, abundance, protection and growth.

This ornament is the magical creation of Esmeralda the Local Hag, found right here in South Australia!
Made with glue, feather, cotton and natural grass. The shape and feather of the nest will vary per sale.

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Every item that you surround yourself with should bring you inspiration and happiness. As both emotions are just a stepping stones to letting your creative magic flow free and wild. Items aren’t just material objects, they hold their own magic and any other magic you enchant them with!

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