Jasmine Flowers


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Jasmine Properties: Lunar magic, Astral Projection, Balance, Love, Money, Psychic Dreams, Spirituality

Element: Water
Planet: Moon

When inhaled, Jasmine has been known to promote prophetic dreaming and aid in Astral Projection. Also known for its strong power when it comes to Moon magic, it allows one to open their heart to the energies of perfect love and delve deep into their spirituality. Burn or add to oils to draw in love, money and wealth.

There are a vast number of ways to use dried herbs, such as; perfume oils, tea mixtures, spell bottles, magical sachets, incense and more. Try using dried herbs to create your own infused oil!

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Many of the herbs, roots and flowers are grown and harvested by the owner of Sorcerous Sundries. Due to the homegrown nature of the botanical offerings, Enchanted Herbs are in limited and seasonal supply. The Enchanted Garden maybe big but it is not big enough to supply a huge demand. Some herbs may be out of stock for an extended period of time!

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