Golden Mother Oil


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The vibrancy of the her petals, her smell when dried and made into an oil, Calendula is the ultimate Golden Mother. Calendula petals are rich in compounds that nourish, hydrate, and support skin healing! Turning this powerful and gentle flower into an infused isn’t something new, for centuries, those wise enough, have been using it to heal all sorts of aliments. This all natural oil is perfect for anyone that has sensitive skin and doesn’t like harsh chemicals. Perfectly safe to use on your face if you suffer from dry skin, leaving you with a beautiful golden glow.

Use Golden Mother Body Oil to calm down, heal and soothe cracked, dry or sunburnt skin.
Perfect to stop your hands from drying and cracking after cleaning up.

This offering is free of essential oils, fragrance oils, colour additives and harsh chemicals.
Always try a small test patch on your inner wrist before using the product in full.

This oil is the Vegan friendly version of our Golden Mother Ritual Ointment.

Looking for offerings to aid you on your magical journey? Click HERE for powerful ritual ointments.

Keep out direct sunlight and away from heat.
* INGREDIENTS: Infused herbal oils, coconut oil and Rose Hip Oil.

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