Golden Lenormand Oracle


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Golden Lenormand Oracle is a classic XIX century lenormand deck featuring iconic imagery that will help you perform better readings for yourself and others. Uncover the answers you seek with this gorgeous, golden deck.

The Lenormand are, without doubt, the most used Oracle Cards in the world. While their fame is far from that of the Tarot, it is ever increasing. The Golden Lenormand Oracle is a classic XIX century Lenormand: a true Lenormand. But the Golden edition shows the cards with the powerful and shining impression of the gold foil. A printing masterpiece. A true tradition. A powerful Divination. Note: printed with gold foil on every card!

Includes 36 oracle cards and an in-depth, easy-to-understand guidebook.

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Oracle cards are an excellent way to quickly gain daily insight. Draw one card for a quick peak as to what to watch out for or to gain a message of value. Draw more than one card to show different options, paths, possible out comes or why a situation my happen. This insight can help you change your path for the day or you can accept the card for what it is.

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