Enchanted Spell Oracle


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Use your intuition and be guided by the natural wisdom of the medieval world! This Enchanted Spell Oracle deck is brimming with botanical information symbolic meaning and kitchen magic. Allow the divine priestesses to help you create the life you want through bewitching recipes, rituals and spells.

The cards tap into medieval/Celtic herbal lore and mystery with enchanting images. They encourage meditative thought as well as inspired action through the magical use of herbs and plants. This deck is perfect for all witches!

If you’re just starting out on your magical journey, draw a card a day and focus on its imagery.

The Enchanted Spell Oracle has 36 wonderfully illustrated spell cards with information booklet.

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Oracle cards are an excellent way to quickly gain daily insight. Draw one card for a quick peak as to what to watch out for or to gain a message of value. Draw more than one card to show different options, paths, possible out comes or why a situation my happen. This insight can help you change your path for the day or you can accept the card for what it is.

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