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When it’s too hot to be casting spells using candles, use an enchanted mist to help ease your mind for an easy slumber. Along with creating an easy way to sleep, this enchanted potion mist aids in bringing forth vivid and lucid dreams.

Dreams are a powerful message of things to come, or things that need to be worked. So keep a dream journal by your bedside to record the messages seen during your sleep!

Use Easy Slumber enchanted mist to balance your energy for an easy, prophetic sleep.

To Use:
Shake before use.
Then, spray around yourself, another, your home or sacred space to invoke the energies within the potion!

All Enchanted Mists contain homemade hydrosol (water from the distiller from making essential oil), crystal infusion, alcohol and essential oils. These are a great way to shift the energies without the use of heat.

If the scorching Aussie summer isn’t effecting your ability to burn candles, check out the enchanted spell candle range HERE.

Enchanted mists are the perfect way to shift the energies within a room or around a person without needing to use heat. Sometimes places do not allow the use of fire or smoke, and so this where mists are the perfect option!

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