Diviner’s Veil Oil

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The Diviner’s Veil is a potion for your body like no other. Made by double steeping powerful herbs of mysticism in the most luxurious of healing oils, ready to be applied to open your minds eye. Allow the powerful magic contained within to remove the mystic veil, giving you access to many unseen truths, greater intuition and increasing your psychic abilities.

Use Diviner’s Veil for Divination, Astral Travel, Psychic Dreams and Intuition.

Use this oil daily, on to your body, to increase divination abilities and intuition. When using this oil for Astral travel or psychic dreams, keep a journal by your side to record what you have seen.

Just a few drops is enough to melt into the skin, leaving it nourished, feeling soft and full of energy.
And like Love Magic, this oil has more than just a magical use!
Mugwort is anti-inflammatory and can penetrate deep into skin tissue, leaving your skin wonderfully refreshed!

Body Potions are free of fragrance oils, colour additives and harsh chemicals.

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External Use Only.
Always try a small test patch on your inner wrist before using the product in full.
Keep out direct sunlight and away from heat.

* INGREDIENTS: Infused herbal oils, Coconut Oil, vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil.

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1 review for Diviner’s Veil Oil

  1. K M.

    My favourite body potion. I have been using Diviner’s Veil as a part of my daily practice consistently for 6 lunar cycles now. I have found a pleasant cumulative result with such consistent use. A subtle, delicate yet deeply feminine aroma soothes the conscious mind and deepens receptivity within yourself first, so you may then deepen your connection with others. When applied to the hands, it stimulates healing energy flow while providing protective qualities. When applied to the third eye, back of the neck, heart and / or abdomen, clarity of connection is enhanced and a naturally grounded and connected state of being results. LOVE THIS STUFF!!!

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