Divine Eye Incense Sticks

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Divine Eye incense perfect for daily use as it brings in a heightened shift in psychic energy

Use Divine Eye incense throughout the week to raise psychic energy and intuition.
Burn during mediation, divination work or before sleep to gain aid from your spirit guides.

Breath and inhale the all natural aroma of these incense sticks. Shift the energies within any space using the element of Air.

These incense sticks will not be returning to the store once sold out! Green Tree incense has an incredibly powerful scent when burning or left just as is inside the box!

Green Tree incense sticks are not handmade by Sorcerous Sundries.

Click HERE to view the incense holders. Alternatively you can fill a vessel, like a cauldron, full of sand and stick the incense stick up wards within the sand.

Burn in an incense holder to catch any ash that falls from the stick. Incense ash can be used with salt to create a salt of protection. These incense sticks are high quality, meaning, the scent is strong and the smoke output is low. Each stick burns for approximately 45 minutes making them perfect for meditation.

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