Copper Pentagram Offering Bowl


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This spectacular pentagram copper offering bowl is an excellent addition to any space! A sturdy copper bowl is ideal for burning incense (resin, powders and herbs) over hot charcoals or for burning candles. Alternatively, fill this bowl up with herbs, crystals flowers and liquids for an offering to the spirits or to simple add a little colour magic into the room. I personally use these little bowls to hold my cleansing smoke wands or to hold all my magical crystals!

Place sand or salt inside the pentagram offering bowl when burning charcoal or incense, to protect the copper from absorbing all the heat.

Caution, offering bowl will become hot to touch when using charcoal, even with sand or salt as insulation inside.
Never leave anything burning unattended. When burning charcoal or incense, open up all windows to ventilate the room well. Smoke build up, regardless of how nice it smells, is not good for you health.

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Every item that you surround yourself with should bring you inspiration and happiness. As both emotions are just a stepping stones to letting your creative magic flow free and wild. Items aren’t just material objects, they hold their own magic and any other magic you enchant them with!

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