Citrine Chip Necklace


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Length: 22cm long

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If you’re someone looking for a boost in wealth and success, wear a Citrine chip necklace everyday! Citrine is such powerful stone when it comes to promoting wealth, success and true prosperity. Known as the stone of Abundance and Joy, it holds so much fiery energy that it can deflect negative energy. So wearing a Citrine chip necklace around when you go shopping, may help in keeping you positive and upbeat!

Citrine Magical Uses: Solar Plexus, Prosperity, Abundance, Wealth, Success, Joy, Energy, Calming, Self-Esteem

Use in ritual work, or wear on a daily basis to keep the intended energy with you throughout the day.
Before using your new crystal jewellery, you should always consecrate it for its intended purpose. For information on working with crystals, head over to the Crystals Blog page.

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