Camphor Essential Oil 100%



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Camphor Magic: Water element magic, Purification, Divination, Psychic Dreams and Psychic Awareness

Aromatherapy Uses: Clears nasal passages, Muscle aches, rheumatic joints, insect repellent, cools sunburns, helps with congestion and sinus headaches

Anoint candles during rituals and spells, anoint the body, ritual tools, crystals, add a few drops to the bath when ritual bathing, add to herbal blends or blend a few together to create your own ritual blend.

Sorcerous Sundries advises testing a small amount on the skin beforehand, as some essential oils and non essential oils can be harmful to the skin.
FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. Don't ingest this or any essential oil.
Keep out of the reach of children and away from eyes.
Always dilute before use. Avoid if pregnant

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